Lesson 2

This lesson will explain Viesa's pronoun system, as well as some basic grammar.


Viesa has a different pronoun system from English. Viesa's pronouns are shown in the table below:

Pronouns Singular Plural
First ма (I/me) ва (we/us)
Second ја (you) га (you all)
Third на (he/him/she/her/it) да (they/them)

Note that Viesa uses the same pronoun for 'he', 'she', and 'it'. There are also two pronouns for 'you' depending on whether you're referring to one person or multiple people.

Possessive pronouns are made with the genetive suffix. Reflexive pronouns are simply made by placing "салф" after the pronoun.


Viesa has a few suffixes that are placed at the end of words. These are listed below:

Tense suffixes always come before the negative suffix. (I will not sleep = Ма слапешег, not "Ма слапегеш")

Lesson 3