How to Speak Quackish

by WhileTrue


This is a slight variation of Tut (or Tutnese) I made. Quackish is a language game of English where every letter becomes a certain syllable.

The Rules

Each letter is replaced with a syllable from the table below:

Letter Quackish Syllable
a ay
b bub
c cash
d dud
e ee
f fuf
g gug
h hash
i eye
j jack
k kuck
l lul
m mum
n nun
o oh
p pup
q quack
r rash
s sus
t tut
u oo
v vub
w wack
x chuck
y yuck
z zub

Double letters are singled and preceded by 'squa' for consonants, or 'squat' for vowels. (Bass -> Bubaysquasus, Bee -> Bubsquatee)

Apostrophes are not used in Quackish. (I'm -> Eyemum),