The Best Longest Text Ever

Bonjour my dudes! This is my (makayla’s) LTE (longest text ever). I'm drinking hot chocolate with coffee crisp flavour. Right now it's summer so I have no school. I like school it's pretty cool, eh that rhymed. A couple days ago I went to go see Spider-man Far From Home! It was soooooo good. I'm gonna spoil it right now so if you want to be not spoiled skip to, We are done that took too long . Ok so peter parker is going on a vacation with his friends from school. He doesn't pack his suit because he just wants a normal vacation but may packs it anyway. At this point, because liz moved away, Peter has a crush on MJ. he has the plan to buy her a black dahlia necklace because her favourite flower is the black dahlia because of the muder (like me). While all of that is going on peter is ghosting Nick Fury. at one point nick comes to peter's room and shoots ned with a tranquilizer gun. He asked Peter to help defeat the elementals. Elementals are supernatural beings that are made up of the elements. Beck is a superhero from another dimension where the elementals destroyed his earth. Btw tony stark is dead so peter doesn't have a mentor no more. Peter and beck defeat the last elemental. Peter was given tonys ediths ( tony's AI sunglasses). It came with a note that said to the next Iron man. Peter isn't ready to be the next iron man so he gives them to beck aka Mysterio. Peter takes MJ out and is about to tell her that he likes her but instead she says that he is spider-man. She has proof of this because she stole one of his web shooters. It explodes and reveals that the elementals are just holograms. At this point Peter has realized that he's made a huge mistake and admits that he is Spider-man to MJ. he tells nick fury and goes to save the day. Beck used edith to his advantage he created a hole mirage that said that peter was just a kid and tony would be disappointed. In the end peter gets hit by a train but survives. I should of said this earlier but peters spidey sense isn't working. He passes out on the train and ends up in a jail in the netherlands. He escapes and calls happy. He has to make sure happy is real because of the torture he's been through. When they're on the plane happy and peter have a deep convo about tony. Happy convinces peter to defeat beck. Peter lost his suit so he makes an epic one just like tony. Beck has created a super elemental with all the elements. Happy gives a secret message to fury and then goes to save ned and MJ because beck is gonna kill them because they know it's fake. I'm gonna skip the whole battle but in the end spider-man ki8lls beck and stops the hologram. MJ and peter kiss and everyone goes home. SUPER SPOILER ALERT!!!!!! In the end credit scene peter takes MJ on a swing ride but then sees a news report in Times Square, which is a recording of Mysterio saying that spider man is attacking him for no reason and says that spider-mans real identity is Peter Parker. We are done that took too long. Im listening to old thanos road and it's the best song ever. That movie was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good! It's my favourite movie and that's a hard thing to crack. My brother says that i type weird. I type with two fingers on my right hand and I alternate between fingers. That not weird is it? It's raining. Two days ago we were at nanas and a tornado alert came on the tv. We were going to rip out of town but mommy had no gas and we would be getting too close to it so we stayed in nanas basement. I cried. Now it's time for… KKS TV PICKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #1 Brooklyn 99 #2 Friends #3 Community. That's it I like sitcoms what. My brother said that have to be mature when i'm 12 that's ridiculous! He also says that I have to like real things and not sponges. Sponges are things therefore i can like it! Poop. I just created a google slide where it's just spider-man being bliped (dusted). Yall ‘member coolmathgames. I love it. My favourite games is cat in japan. I can beat it in 2minutes and 12 seconds.