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hi hello there

i'm viba, but also 'claudia' in situations where a more real-lifeish name is suitable, or 'soweli (unu) Wipa' in sitatuions where toki pona is. 'viba' should be in all-lowercase whenever possible.

my pronouns are she/her or ae/aer. (they/them and it/its are okay too)

i am an indeterminate-species pink furry enby. (or, toki pona la: mi soweli unu tonsi). (by "enby", in this case, i mean "enby but vaguely feminine").

i enjoy making and speaking conlangs. some of the conlangs i have made are on this site's homepage. the number of conlangs i speak depends on how you define being able to speak a conlang, whether you classify cipherlangs as conlangs, and whether you you are good at counting (i know i'm not). this count will pretty much always include toki pona, which i speak fluently. if you count cipherlangs, then i speak Viesa fluently (and pig latin i guess). if you count conlangs i haven't learnt per se, but can form sentences in if i have a dictionary (and in rare cases a grammar reference) handy, then the list significantly grows to include esperanto, elefen, basically every single jack eisenmann conlang (vötgil, zese, pegakibo, etc.), and certainly others that i'm forgetting.

i sometimes have other interests/fixations in the form of periodic phases.

i am Canadian™. my timezone is UTC-7.

talk to me

consider ignoring the following if you're not a nice person.

(good if you enjoy communicating using a Good platform)
discord: viba#8729
(pretty blegh platform in general but i'm active there, also i have a server its at ZSk8MuYRmv)
i am probably unlikely to respond to things on any other platform